• How is my son doing in class?
  • How are his grades?
  • How is his spelling?
  • How is his grammar?
  • How is his writing?
  • How is his behavior?
  • What are his weak points?
  • How can he improve?
  • What are his strong points?
  • What position is he in class?
  • Is he improving?
  • Is he falling behind?
  • What standard is his English?
  • Does he speak out in class?


Your son is doing well in class.
Your son needs to do better in class
Your son is not doing well in class and needs to improve.
His grades are excellent / good / average / below average / poor
His sentence structure is good / needs improving / poor
He behaves very well in class.
He is: a quiet boy / a talkative boy/ an  active boy / a hyperactive boy.
He is: very sociable, very intelligent
He is: very lazy, very untidy, disorganised,

His weakest subject is English
His weakest point is grammar and sentence structure.
He is doing very well in Maths.

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