How are you?                                     
Very well, thank you

Do you mind if I smoke?                       
No, go ahead

I hope Japan wins the World Cup.                
Me, too

Help yourself to a drink                             
Thank you

Did you have a good trip?                        
Yes, pretty good

I can’t come, sorry                                     
Oh, what a pity!

Today’s the 4th, isn’t it?            
Yes, that’s right / No, it’s the 3rd.

Another drink, Yoko?                     
No, not just now, maybe later

Can I help you?                                 
No, there’s no need, thanks

Can you help me, please?                                   

Where’s the toilet?                                        
It’s over there

Sorry, do you have the time?                          
It’s 10.30.

How’s your family?                                     
Fine, thanks

Call me sometime                                          
Ok, I will

Thank you                                                    
You’re welcome

How old are you?                                           
21, and you?

Hi, nice to see you again                          
Hey! Long time no see!

I have to leave early                                      
Sure, no problem

How do you like your coffee?                
Black with sugar / white

Is this seat taken?                             
No, go ahead / Yes, it’s taken

What time is it?                                                     

Have I seen you before?                          
No, I don’t think so

I’m new to Singapore                     
Me, too / I’ve been here 2 yrs
I'm sorry I'm late                                     
Oh, that's all right

I'm pregnant!                                           

Hello, may I join you?                               
Yes, please do

Is it far to the bus stop?                              
No, not very

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