• How are you?                                     Very well, thank you

  • Do you mind if I smoke?                       No, go ahead

  • I hope Japan wins the World Cup.                Me, too

  • Help yourself to a drink                             Thank you

  • Did you have a good trip?                        Yes, pretty good

  • I can’t come, sorry                                     Oh, what a pity!

  • Today’s the 4th, isn’t it?            Yes, that’s right / No, it’s the 3rd.

  • Another drink, Yoko?                     No, not just now, maybe later

  • Can I help you?                                 No, there’s no need, thanks

  • Can you help me, please?                                    Sure

  • Where’s the toilet?                                        It’s over there

  • Sorry, do you have the time?                          It’s 10.30.

  • How’s your family?                                     Fine, thanks

  • Call me sometime                                          Ok, I will

  • Thank you                                                    You’re welcome

  • How old are you?                                           21, and you?

  • Hi, nice to see you again                          Hey! Long time no see!

  • I have to leave early                                      Sure, no problem

  • How do you like your coffee?                Black with sugar / white

  • Is this seat taken?                             No, go ahead / Yes, it’s taken

  • What time is it?                                                     11.30

  • Have I seen you before?                          No, I don’t think so

  • I’m new to Singapore                     Me, too / I’ve been here 2 yrs
  • I'm sorry I'm late                                     Oh, that's all right

  • I'm pregnant!                                           Congratulations!

  • Hello, may I join you?                               Yes, please do

  • Is it far to the bus stop?                              No, not very

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